Amendment X – Good or Bad for Colorado Hemp Farmers?


This amendment purports to free Colorado’s future hemp industry from the state constitution’s own limitations, but this contention is a bit misleading.  Furthermore, does this industry even need government intervention right now?

The only reason we can even grow and sell hemp products in Colorado comes from a key part of our state constitution:  Amendment 64. This well-crafted document clearly and sensibly differentiates marijuana and hemp. All Amendment X will accomplish is the surrender  of this thriving industry to the federal government’s whim.

The individuals promoting this amendment say they don’t want Colorado to miss out on opportunities down the road when (if) the federal government relaxes its cannabis regulations.  The very obvious disadvantage however, is that by passing this amendment, hemp could essentially be recriminalized on the state level. As we examine talking points of lobbyists and politicians more carefully, we find yet another gaping hole in their supposed logic; the federal government could  tighten restrictions on the hemp industry just as easily as loosening them. 

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