What’s the Best Gift for National Pet Day 2021?

In honor of National Pet Day (April 11, 2021), we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at our upcoming commercial:

Scene: Two dogs outside. 

Pounce:  (runs by with ball) Arff! Arff!! Want to play ball, Rusty? (runs off with ball)

(runs by with rope) Arff! Arff! Want to play tug of war, Rusty? (runs off with rope)

(runs by with frisbee) Arff! Arff! Want to play frisbee, Rusty? (runs off with frisbee)

Rusty: (looks exasperated) Sit still, ya young mutt. Can’t you see I’m trying to teach you how to howl? Now, just sit still for a minute . . . 

Pounce: (still running back and forth) But Rusty, don’t you want to play with the squeaky football? 

Rusty: Sure I do, but how many times do I have to tell you . . . running makes my hips hurt. Besides, there’s going to be a perfectly good moon out tonight. Now try it with me . . . . OWWOOOO!!

Pounce: (pauses briefly) OW . . . . squirrel! (runs off) 

Rusty: (loud sigh) I swear, that pup has the attention span of a goldfish. (lays down to watch the puppy run)

Human/owner enters. 

Human: Pounce, Rusty, I’m home.  How ya feelin, Rust? How are your . . . Pounce!!! Did you dig up the garden . . .  and get into the trash . . . and chew on the fence . . . again? Oh, boy. You are in trouble!!!  (mutters under his breath) Lotta good those dog training classes have done. One more week of this, and it’s back to the shelter. 


Human: Rusty, Pounce. I’m home. Happy National Pet Day 2021! Guess what? I’ve got a present for both of you!

(Rusty slowly walks up, wagging his tail. Pounce continues running around the yard). 

Human: This is Peanut Butter CBD Pet Tincture . . . just for dogs! It’s made by 4 Corners Cannabis, which means it has only a few organic, non-GMO, human food-grade ingredients. 

(Rusty takes a sniff and backs up)

Human: Don’t worry, Rust! This one isn’t like the last one. It’s made with Hemp Oil, not MCT oil (the stuff that made your stomach upset last time). Hemp oil is easier to digest. I promise!

(Rusty reluctantly steps forward for his drops. He licks his chops after the first droplet hits his tongue.)

Human: Tasty, huh? Now, for the wild thing. 

(Human chases and eventually catches Pounce, wrestles him to the ground, and gives him the drops. After one drop, Pounce is trying to get more.)

Human: Hahaha! Just a few drops, pup. Let’s see how it works first.

(SCREEN TEXT: After Two Weeks of Daily CBD)

(Both dogs are running around the backyard. Human is sitting in a lawn chair enjoying a cocktail. Pounce starts digging in the garden). 

Human: Pounce, leave it! (Pounce stops digging.) Pounce, come! (Pounce walks to human.) Pounce, sit. (Pounce sits.) Roll over (Pounce rolls over.) Good boy! You can finally focus! Okay, free! (Pounce runs off to play tug of war with Rusty.)

Rusty: (with rope in his mouth) You can’t get the rope away from me, pup! I may be older than you, but I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Pounce: (loses rope) Aww! You always win, Rusty! (playful banter) I kinda miss the pre-CBD days when you just sat there. 

Rusty: Those days are long gone, thanks to Peanut Butter CBD from 4CC! Now, time for your howling lesson. Sit still. (Pounce sits). Repeat after me: OWOOOO!!!!


Rusty: That’s some howl, ya little whipper snapper. I think you’ve got me beat!

Well, now that Rusty and Pounce are feeling and behaving better, I guess we should come clean: we don’t really have a commercial. In fact, we don’t even make videos (yet!). But, we HAVE TONS of success stories from people who have used CBD to help their pets. Still don’t believe us? Just read the reviews. The stories speak for themselves. 

And, as always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We read every email that comes to our inbox and will respond promptly.

Until then, OWOOOOO!!! Happy National Pet Day!

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