Can Cannabis go bad?

Nah, Cannabis doesn’t have a bad bone in its body. Come to think of it, Cannabis has no bones!  It’s a plant!

On a more serious note, can Cannabis go bad? Of course it can. Most plants and plant material degrade, deteriorate and wither due to natural forces and human intervention (or lack thereof).

Complications that can arise:

Many afflictions degrade cannabis, and harmful mold spores turn cannabis bad more frequently than any other culprit. A whole host of usual suspects exists though, and a variety of factors set each one into motion.  The list of troublemakers includes, but is not limited to the following.

Bud Rot:

The first of these ailments is what’s known as “bud rot”.  Consistent and relentless heavy rain lead to this. It makes cannabis unusable and robs growers of all the hard work they put into their plants.  If you grow cannabis, avoid bud rot like the plague! Particularly in regions that receives excessive precipitation, you should regularly give your plants a good shake.  Try to move as much water off and out of the buds as you can.

Powdery Mildew:

“Powdery mildew” wreaks havoc on cannabis crops as well. This white, powder-looking substance covers your plants. Experienced gardeners likely know exactly what this looks like since it attacks other common plants, such as zucchini. Word to the wise… you don’t want powdery mildew in your system!

Organic solutions to powdery mildew exist, but why not take precautions and avoid it in the first place. These basic mold-prevention tips help to effectively mitigate infestation: 

  • Water the soil, not the plants
  • Dispose of infected leaves and stems as soon as you find them.
  • Make sure the plants aren’t crowded
  • Repeat steps one through three.

Bugs “bug” your plants too:

Bugs decimate plants even more easily than mold and mildew. Even if they don’t do so right away, your plants remain at risk until you resolve the issue. Fortunately, some relatively simple, yet effective solutions combat bug infestations fairly well.  One popular method uses predatory bugs. The theory? When you release them into your grow, they eat and eliminate destructive bugs without causing harm to your plants.

Harvest your plants carefully and deliberately:

Drying too many plants at the same time causes just as many problems as the issues listed above.  Many hemp farmers grow more plants than they can harvest in an adequate and appropriate manner. To compensate, they clump wet plant material too tightly, allowing plants no room to breathe and dry. What‘s the result? You guessed it: unhealthy levels of mold.  Furthermore, improper drying before curing leads to trouble. Dry your plants until their branches audibly snap before you throw buds in jars to cure.

In short, cannabis definitely goes bad.  Diligent growers find plenty of protocols that keep their crops healthy and happy though.  Apply this knowledge to your own grow if you don’t already. You’ll reap the rewards of your hard work because your awesome plants will blossom into even better plants!

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