CBD For Dogs That Works

Nowadays I am sure you are talking about CBD, and if you’re like me I am sure you have thought about CBD for your aging Dog. The fact is that American’s LOVE dogs and we are spending much more time with them working from home. According to Spots.com,  63.4 million households in America own dogs. That’s 53% of every house! Unfortunately, as we all know, dog’s are getting older everyday and can have a variety of health problems. One of the top 10 common issues a dog is likely to experience is Arthritis, according to The Spruce Pets . Luckily, there’s now CBD for dogs that works wonders and can help provide some relief to your aging dog. After all, won’t you do anything for your dog to ensure the best possible quality of life after the years of companionship and love they provided you and your family?

At 4 Corners Cannabis we are on a mission to provide affordable CBD that works. Since we are one of those 63.4 million dog owner’s, making a CBD pet product  that works has been a top priority for us since we started back in 2014. While there are 1,000’s of CBD companies out there these days, most of them are just not putting the love and care into the products that your pet deserves.


Here at 4CC we are doing things quite a bit differently as we want to ensure that your dog is getting the best. It all starts with the hemp, of course. We are growing all of the hemp that is used in our products on our Colorado farm. This ensures that we are able to keep things consistent which will ensure reliable relief in every bottle every day and year after year. Once we harvest the hemp we extract the oil from the hemp in our manufacturing facility in Durango, Colorado and use only USDA certified organic alcohol.

This type of extraction method creates what we call a raw extract, resulting in a Complete Spectrum CBD oil that is rich in all major cannabinoids, terpenes, and numerous other beneficial compounds that are naturally found in hemp. This is what makes our product work better than any other. You heard that right, Complete Spectrum CBD, which is going to do better than full spectrum, broad spectrum, and THC-Free products that other companies are out there pushing. 

Once the hemp is extracted, it is then mixed with some of the fineset USDA certified organic hemp seed oil. This is a bit different from most companies who use MCT oil in their pet CBD products. Through  extensive research we conducted, we have found that MCT is really not that great for dogs and can cause some diarrhea and upset the bellies of our little fur-babies. To solve this problem we chose to use the best hemp seed oil we could get our hands on and it is human grade,  the dog has approved, and it is certified organic because that’s important too!. 


By utilizing hemp seed oil as the carrier in our CBD pet drops, your dog not only receives the benefits of CBD but also the naturally occurring benefits from the hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is known to be rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fats, which are considered “good fats”. According to WebMD, hemp seed oil also contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Omega-3&6 fatty acids, Gamma linolenic acid, Arginine, Magnesium, and B Vitamins. Clearly hemp seed oil is the best choice for our CBD for dogs that works!


According to Dogster, hemp oil is important for overall health as dogs do not produce the essential fatty acids themselves and this helps to balance the other nutrients that they are getting in their food. These fatty acids also are credited with benefiting heart health and reducing blood pressure. 


By combining the benefits of hemp seed oil with our CBD for dogs we have made a product that actually works. If you’re still questioning if this product really works check out what hundreds of happy customers have had to say HERE and HERE.

As you can see the stories are truly heart touching and we are so proud to be able to help so many families improve the lives of their beloved dogs. Some of the reviews and stories include significant relief from arthritis, anxiety, pain from old age, seizures, and so many more. This Pet Tincture  that we make at 4 Corners Cannabis really does work. The best part is the ease of use! Since it is in a dropper bottle you can simply drop it onto your dog’s food or their favorite treats. 

Be sure to give your pet the best and order their very own bottle of CBD Pet Tincture now! Don’t waste time trying CBD from the store, make sure to get CBD for Dogs that works, found HERE.


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