It stands for Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Plan.  Colorado has been at the front of the pack when it comes to all things cannabis.  Now they’re trying to to the same with hemp.  They don’t just plan on adhering to the new USDA regulations that passed recently.  Colorado chooses to pave the way for other states as well. This involves developing comprehensive and structured compliance regulations for every part of the hemp process.

Who’s involved in the decision making?

Colorado asked for help from the best possible people in developing this plan.  They involved business owners from the hemp industry to facilitate sensible and realistic parameters for hemp regulation.  This includes more than just farming. In fact, the plan includes enough facets of the industry that the committee has divided its tasks into two separate phases, each containing four groups within.

Phase 1:

Research, Development, and Seeds: This department looks into developing hemp strains for various purposes and climates.

Cultivation: These folks focus on developing standard cultivation practices that ensure safety, consistency, and simplicity.

Transportation: Group 3 tasks themselves with streamlining hemp transportation practices that will protect hemp farmers and buyers.

Testing: This department sets standards for testing.  This means time of testing, plant matter that’s tested, and an appropriate margin of error for testing.

Phase 2:

Processing:  The processing group aims to regulate processing facilities for safety, compliance, and acceptable solvents in the case of CBD.

Manufacturing (food commodities):  These individuals plan on regulating safe manufacturing practices for ALL hemp products, not just CBD

Marketing:  Group 7 looks into ensuring appropriate marketing practices for hemp, and preventing bad actors from dishonestly marketing

Banking/Insurance:  The final group needs to sort out a way for farmers to bank and insure crops the way that other farmers do.  New federal regulations will ease the banking aspect of this process.

Looking ahead:

This model addresses the entire supply chain and leaves no one out. It also displays Colorado’s interest in being a conscientious leader of the new hemp wave of the 21st century.

Hemp benefits so many people with its endless uses.  We think it ought to profit the customers, business owners, and the state as a whole.  Colorado proactively pursues a plan that minimizes unnecessary red tape and will allow all parties involved to prosper.  Hopefully other states follow its model as well.

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