Happy holidays to our loyal customers!  Thanks for your continued support. It allows us to continue working in a great environment where we get to help people on a daily basis.

Don’t miss out!

The holidays are here, and we’re cooking up all kinds of new goodies for our customers.  So there’s no better time to check out what’s new at 4CC. Treat yourself and a loved one. Use coupon code save25 for 25% off your order through 12/31/19!

As time marches on here in Durango, CO, we continue to optimize every facet of our operation.  This is allowing us to spend more and more time on research and development, so we’re starting to offer greater variety than we’ve ever been able to before.  

That’s one of the biggest ways in which we hope to expand in 2020.  We want everyone to be able to find that Goldilocks product, the one that’s just right.  So please let us know what kind of products you’d like to see at our contact page.  Who knows, your suggestion might be the next product we decide to make!

What’s new right now?

Speaking of new products, our brand new menthol salve is an alteration of the same great salves we’ve always provided… but it now has a minty finish!  With a soothing touch and a refreshing aroma, this is the salve for you. Check out all four varieties at our salve page.

On a different note, you can now buy hats at our website as well.  For just $14.99 (and even less with our end of year discount), you can sport one of three snazzy options.  With a comfortable and adjustable fit, these hats are both stylish and comfortable. Visit our apparel page to give them a look.

You can also bundle up this winter with our brand new bundles.  They’re great for trying multiple flavors, buying for multiple loved ones (pets included!), or fully equipping yourself with tinctures and topicals.  We’ve even sweetened the deal with a Honey and Cinnamon bundle.  The nice thing about the bundles right now is that they save you a bit of cash to begin with… and can still be stacked with our 25% off coupon!

Reach out to us.  We like hearing from you.

Once again, we appreciate your support and would like to cater to your interests going forward.  Please contact us to let us know what kinds of products and resources would be the most helpful or most interesting to you.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

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