What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis Sativa.

They have just been bred for different purposes.

Legal Definition

Hemp is Cannabis Sativa that contains LESS than .3% THC.

Marijuana is Cannabis Sativa that contains MORE than .3% THC.

Practical Definition

Hemp is Cannabis Sativa that has been bred for Industrial Purposes such as fiber, seeds, etc.

Marijuana is Cannabis Sativa that has been bred for Human Consumption such as smoking, eating, etc.

Lets dive in deeper.

Analogy time!

All dogs are wolves that have been bred for different purposes.


CBD Whole Plant

The below wolves have different breed names

CBD for small pets


is a breed of wolf that has been given the name “Chihuahua”

These types of wolves are accepted by everyone as people see no threat.

All people say that “all” people are responsible enough to own this type of wolf.

CBD dog

Mary Jane

is a breed of wolf that has been given the name “Pit Bull”

These types of wolves are accepted by about half of the population today.

Some people say that “some” people are too irresponsible to own this type of wolf.

Now Back to Cannabis


The below Cannabis breeds have different names

Low Grade Hemp
Young CBD plant

Close up of the difference between the flowers

European Hemp
High Quality CBD Bud

Industrial Hemp

is the name given to Cannabis Plants that have been bred for fiber and seed production that must be below .3% THC.When Cannabis is bred for fiber production, the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) and terpenes (smell of the plant) are naturally bred out so the plant can spend its energy onproducing strong fiber. Males and Females are grown together so that (through pollination) seeds form. This takes energy away fromcannabinoid and terpene production.There is an old saying, “The only that that will occur from smoking industrial hemp is that you will get a headache”.Although these genetics will contain up to 8% CBD, they have not been bred for human consumption. These industrial hemp plants contain very low levels of terpenes and cannabinoids which gives them very little effectiveness due to the lack of synergy. Although Standard Industrial Hemp is great for many uses, CBD consumption is not one of them.


is the name given to Cannabis Plants that have been bred for Human Consumption that are over .3% THC.When Cannabis is bredfor human consumption, the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) and terpenes are naturally bred to make up a larger percentage of a plants profile to make it more effective.Only Female plants are grown so the flowers are not pollinated, (which means no seeds), so the plant can focus on cannabinoid and terpene production. Marijuana contains very little phytotoxins which means users will not get headaches from smoking marijuana. Marijuana can contain over 30% THC. There are also marijuana strains that contain over 20% CBD. These plants contain great terpene and cannabinoid profiles which makes themextremely powerful due to the synergy of compounds.

But, there are different types of Dogs than just Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls.

Yes, of course!

There many different types of Dogs. Now Back to Dogs/Wolves.

Can my pet take CBD?






This is a Golden Retriever. This is still a wolf, but it

is quite a bit different than both a Chihuahua and a

Pit Bull as it has been bred for different purposes.

Now Back to Cannabis

The CBD movement started around 2008 with

marijuana plants (over .3% THC). High amounts of CBD are rare in marijuana plants as CBD has been accidentally bred out as breeders were trying to create new genetics that would create more euphoria (high). But, people were finding marijuana plants with generous amount of CBD as lab testing became more accessible. CBD extracted from marijuana plants tends to be great quality as these plants are bred for human consumption.

Since CBD extracted from marijuana can not legally cross State lines, breeders decided to start over. People started looking for genetics that had not had the human intervention responsible for either hemp fiber or THC production. Instead, they started breeding for a plant made for human consumption (much like marijuana) but with high levels of CBD instead of THC.

This was the birth of High CBD Hemp. These new Super Hemp Strains grow like marijuana, smell like marijuana, taste like marijuana, and even look like marijuana. And, they do not induce headaches like traditional industrial hemp strains as they have been bred for human consumption.

These new Hemp Super Strains have the exact same characteristics as marijuana, but the THC is much lower and the CBD is much higher.

High Quality CBD Bud





I tricked you!

This is actually a hemp flower. As you can see, it is the

same quality as the best medical marijuana strains. It

just has really low levels of THC making it have the legal

definition of hemp.

Why does it make a difference where my CBD is sourced from?

Because of a synergy between the plants compounds that has been termed the Entourage Effect.

CBD on its own has very little effectiveness. CBD gets its strength from synergizing with the other plant compounds much as eating an orange will be much more beneficial than consuming a vitamin C tablet that is hardly absorbed by the body.

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