Is there a perfect cannabis strain for everyone? A perfect way for every last person to enjoy cannabis?  Probably not. But many cannabis strains and intake methods serve a plethora of purposes.  Your personal reasons for cannabis use dictate that choice more than anything else.

What effect are you looking for?

When seeking a euphoric “high”, choose THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol)-rich cannabis. This type of cannabis is commonly referred to as marijuana. To completely avoid the “high”, hemp-derived cannabis products are the way to go. They contain less than .3% THC. and consist of several subcategories.  What else do you consider though?  The decision process is far more refined than that. Be sure to account for the following considerations as well.

Unique strains and different properties:

Look at a strain’s terpene profile.  For marijuana that doesn’t get you too “high”, try something high CBD content that smells of oranges.  This smell comes from Limonene, a terpene found on certain strains of cannabis and citrus fruits. For a relaxing high, look for strains with high Myrcene levels. This terpene also occurs naturally in mangos. Alternatively, Sativas that are low in Myrcene give an energetic buzz.

Not all CBD is identical:


Just looking to experiment with CBD? Isolates are a good starting point because they’re relatively inexpensive. The drawback is that isolates aren’t very effective for symptom relief. If you have ailments, choose CBD products that contain a spectrum of compounds.

     Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum products are becoming popular because people get outstanding results with them. Be sure to research the company you purchase from though, because many companies falsely market their products as full spectrum. It’s best to find TRUE full spectrum (or complete spectrum as we like to call it) products that use organic alcohol extractions and high quality hemp. Hemp that’s been carefully bred to maximize healing compounds.  At 4 Corners Cannabis, we firmly believe in this method.

Cannabis intake methods:

Consider your intake method as well.  While smoking marijuana produces a ‘heady buzz’, vaping or dabbing produce a more pharmaceutical feeling.  Edibles also provide a different experience. They should be eaten carefully in low doses since it takes up to 2 hours for the effects to peak.

If CBD is your go-to cannabis product, oral consumption is great for long term relief. Those typically take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect. For a product that kicks in quickly, CBD vape liquids are a great alternative. Not much is needed when vaping CBD, but the effects won’t last like the effects from oral consumption.  Maybe you only want or need a topical product. Those generally work best with things like muscle soreness.

Start your search:

Hopefully these help you begin your journey with cannabis and make informed decisions.  Don’t be afraid to continue your research and further educate yourself. Science constantly uncovers more and more of the mysterious, impressive properties that make cannabis such an enigma. We should all be excited about what discoveries are waiting just around the corner.

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