In order to make premium products, you must start with premium ingredients.  At 4 Corners Cannabis we create as many of our own ingredients as possible to guarantee quality control.  When we lack the tools though, we source our ingredients responsibly and with careful consideration.

The menthol in our new Menthol Salve is one such ingredient.  Over time, our customer base has requested a topical product with menthol in it.  Well, ask and you shall receive.  We followed these steps to find the perfect ingredient for our new salve.

  • Make sure it actually enhances the product we intend to use it for.  

It benefits no one if we use ingredients randomly and without reason.  Effective topical products permeate the skin and provide localized relief, so our research and development team looked into menthol.  Among its many benefits, menthol stimulates receptors in our sweat glands and acts as a relaxant. It provides little relief on its own, but is a great vehicle to help other ingredients penetrate dermal tissues.  This makes our Menthol Salve soothe symptoms more effectively than a typical topical. 

  • Find the purest version of ingredients.  

We avoid using anything synthetic at all costs.  Naturally, that led us to choose a certified organic plant-based menthol.  The crystalline menthol that we use is between 99 and 100% menthol, and not tainted with fillers or additives.

  • Find a pleasant-smelling ingredient, not an overpowering one.  

Many people might ask why we use a menthol extract rather than a peppermint extract.  Menthol is a constituent part of peppermint, but when extracted from peppermint the intensity of the fragrance diminishes significantly.  Every time you open your menthol salve, the smell should certainly awake your olfactory receptors, but not offend them.

Unlike our cinnamon bark extract which we make in house, we went to an outside source for this minty enhancement.  We hold ourselves to a high standard, so the menthol we chose had to measure up to those standards as well.  Let us know what other ingredients you’d like to see us use at our contact page.  Our R and D team works hard to make effective products, but your feedback helps us know where the demand is.

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