If your dog is anything like ours, they love to lick a spoon full of peanut butter or try to get every last bit out of the seemingly empty jar. But is peanut butter healthy for our furry friends? If not, what are some healthy alternatives to peanut butter for dogs? 

The first question is if peanut butter is good for dogs. Then, we’ll look at other healthy treats and options so that you’re making sure that even your pet’s treats are healthy options for them! Finally, we’ll explain why we prefer giving our pets our peanut butter pet CBD tincture instead!

Is Peanut Butter Good for Dogs?

Yes, peanut butter is good for dogs in moderation as long as it doesn’t contain Xylitol! Like most dog treats, it should only make up a small percentage of your dog’s diet but licking a spoon with some leftover peanut butter won’t hurt them. 

Because peanut butter, and nuts in general, are so high in fat you don’t want to give your dog too much of either. Domestic dogs need very little fat in their diet to be their healthiest, so it is easy to overfeed them something like peanut butter. 

The other thing to watch out for is the sugar substitute Xylitol. This substance leads to an insulin spike in dogs that can be life-threatening. Check the label of all of your peanut butter products (and anything that has sugar substitutes) before letting your dog consume it! We cover the dangers of Xylitol more later in this article!

Our Thoughts on Peanut Butter for Dogs

It’s certainly a tasty treat, and we all love making our pups happy.  Peanut butter for dogs needs a few caveats though.  Given the drawbacks associated with peanut butter in relation to dogs, it stands to reason that we ought to try safer alternatives. This is where CBD for dogs comes in!

Safe Peanut Butter Alternatives: The Short, Sweet, Logical Answer

What if we could find safer alternatives for peanut butter that taste delicious, are certified USDA organic, and aren’t actually made with peanuts?  4 Corners Cannabis has now developed a  Peanut Butter Pet Tincture to address these exact concerns.  It contains absolutely zero xylitol and absolutely zero peanuts/peanut derivatives.  We’ll explain why those factors are important below.


The bottom line is making sure that we’re taking care of our loyal companions to the best of our ability, and that involves a few things.  

We want to make sure they’re healthy, and that we’re addressing any symptoms that ail them. If they dislike the medication that they have to take, why not just slip that pill in some peanut butter?  They’ll like the flavor, and with any luck, the medication will go unnoticed (at least ideally).  

They also need to be well trained and properly socialized so that they get to enjoy interactions with other humans and other dogs to the max. Why not give them their favorite rubber toy with peanut butter in it to reward them for a productive training session or good behavior at the dog park?  They’ve earned it, right?

On top of that, we like to be playful with them and treat them to nice things when we’re able to.  Sometimes we want to give our dogs treats just because they’re so goofy and endearing.  We can’t help ourselves.  Why have dogs if you can’t occasionally spoil them?

Peanut butter products for dogs are not nearly as innocuous as we once thought, though. Between dangerous additives and some of the health implications that peanuts present, many pet owners seek products with more pros than cons.

Why We Really Should Try Safer ALternatives

There are a few reasons we recommend things like CBD treats rather than peanut butter for your dogs. Here are the top three reasons!


Peanut butter usually has a few ingredients other than peanuts, and at least one of these is terrible for dogs.  It’s called Xylitol.  This sugar alcohol, often found in sugar-free chewing gum, is toxic for our dogs.  In fact, Preventivevet.com shared that it’s more dangerous for our dogs than chocolate in their article What Kind of Peanut Butter is Safe for Dogs?  They go one step further and share the names of several brands that still make peanut butter, specifically for dogs, that contains xylitol.


For those of us that have allergies, we all know severe reactions are miserable.  Food allergies seem to be the most dangerous of the various types, likely because food is ingested, not just environmental.  Although rare, even dogs can have peanut allergies.  In the piece Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?, Hillspet.com reinforces the importance of checking in with your vet when adding new foods to your dog’s diet.

Dietary Health

We often deliberately check the ingredients in our dogs’ foods and treats.  We overlook one important factor though: quantity.  In the article Don’t Give Your Dog Any More Peanut Butter Until You Read This Story, Dr. Jerry Klein states that even xylitol-free peanut butter can contribute to conditions like pancreatitis as well as weight control issues if too much is given over the long term.

CBD Oil for Dogs: The 4CC Solution

As stated above, our brand new Peanut Butter Pet Tincture is free of xylitol, and even free of peanuts! Instead, we make this delicious pet CBD with Organic Sunflower Oil that is naturally flavored to taste like the peanut butter your dogs love.  

Sunflower oil might masquerade as an additive or secondary ingredient, but it’s actually a powerhouse.  In their article From Coconut to Sunflower: Here Are the 5 Oils That Should Be In Your Dog’s Diet, Thisdogslife.co contends that sunflower oil does the following:

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Supports the immune system
  • Sustains energy throughout the day
  • Maintains normal organ function

They also state that dogs can get this benefit from very small quantities on a daily basis.  A medium dog, for instance, would only need one teaspoon ( of a tablespoon) of sunflower oil for a full dose.  


Dogs and Peanut Butter: Conclusion

While peanut butter can be safe for dogs to consume, it’s not completely without its drawbacks and health concerns. Our dogs still get to lick a peanut butter spoon occasionally, but for the most part, we stick with CBD tinctures instead. 

Between the naturally-flavored, organic sunflower oil and 4 Corners Cannabis’ premium hemp extract, your pup will be ready to take on the day with a wagging tail and a chipper attitude.  If you’d like to check out our new Peanut Butter Pet Tincture, click here.  If you’d like to learn more about how a strategic diet will maximize benefits for you and your pup, check out our article about complementary foods and the entourage effect.

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