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Would you rather consume questionable, cheap CBD products only to get lackluster results? We didn’t think so. If you’re searching for the best, 4 Corners Cannabis is the CBD company for you. Most companies make big claims, but they don’t grow, process, or extract for themselves. In fact, some companies never even touch the product; they simply repackage cheap third party CBD that could be coming from anywhere. Others grow low grade genetics and surprisingly, many brag about extracting with CO2. 

4 Corners Cannabis has been dedicated to creating the highest grade CBD dominant products on the market since 2013. We were one of the first CBD companies out there, and the proof is in our products. We are nutrient regimen specialists, growers, breeders, and extraction experts. Our plants are grown with organic practices, live soil and harvested by hand. No pesticides or heavy metals, and no dangerous additives in our products. Don’t believe us? Check out our lab reports. To Learn more about what sets 4 Corners Cannabis apart check out our process page.


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Check out what some of our customers are saying about us!

"My 5 year old Yorkie Pomeranian mix started having focal seizures last summer. I tried her on Keppra - a traditional drug for Epilepsy on my Vet’s suggestion and her seizures went from once a month to one ever 3-4 days. I stopped that medication, gave her a few days to get that out of her system and then started her on 4corners. That was exactly 64 days ago, and guess how many days it has been since her last seizure? 64! I couldn’t be more pleased or recommend this product more highly!"

- Lorelei A.

New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for your CBD oil! I am using it for my Boxer who developed seizures when she came into season, most probably because she is young and developed a hormonal imbalance. So far, she is now seizure free. I am going to begin giving it to my older dogs also. I am grateful that it is now legal everywhere! As an old hippy gal, I say it’s about damn time! Thank you again and as a breeder of Boxers, I have been recommending you to all of my puppy clients and friends."

- Shirley S.

Madison, VA

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4 Corners Cannabis CBD products are not only safe, but incredibly potent. Our products appeal to consumers who demand nothing but the best. Anything less wouldn’t be acceptable for us either, plain and simple. We take great pride in what we do, and in controlling the entire process from seed to bottle. We don’t cut corners, and we never compromise quality. With our knowledge of cannabis, 3rd party testing and customer feedback, we are able to continuously perfect our proprietary processes to ensure our customers are always getting a CBD product that is a cut above the rest. 

As a smaller company we have the wonderful opportunity to focus on making sure our clients are getting the best product for their needs. If you have any questions about 4 Corners Cannabis or CBD please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help! Click here for our contact page.

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