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  1. Richard (verified owner)

    It seems to have an impact on my senior dogs overall well being, maybe even help with her seizures.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  2. Monica Raspler (verified owner)

    Great customer service

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  3. Maggie (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Haven’t given it to the dog yet but the purchasing process was great.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  4. Jennifer Van fleet (verified owner)

    Best cbd for my pets. Won’t buy anything else!

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product for my mother with dementia!

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  6. Julie K. (verified owner)

    I have fibromyalgia and I use this in the morning as it gives me energy and also helps decrease my pain. It also tastes great!

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  7. Sarah E. (verified owner)

    excellent product, quick shipping!

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  8. Robert Hawkins (verified owner)

    I put it in my tea

    CBD HoneyCBD Honey

  9. Robert Hawkins (verified owner)

    Good stuff!! A very technical response

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  10. Evelyn R. (verified owner)

    Amazing reliable product!

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  11. Jayne H. (verified owner)

    So glad I found you guys, my dog is in less pain because of your product. Thank you

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  12. Patience B. (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product – it is the best that I have found!

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

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