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  1. Karen H. (verified owner)

    Taking it, but very bitter to taste. Eating a cookie afterwards. Think it my be helping my knees. Thank you for replacing this free after I was sent the pet version

    Cinnamon Oral TinctureCinnamon Oral Tincture

  2. Kevin J. (verified owner)

    Works great. Be nice if it were a little leas expensive, but the productive is effective.

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  3. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    We noticed several improvements in our dogs in the form of physical and mental benefits being less nervous and more playful.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  4. Brittany (verified owner)

    I bought this for my basset hound that has hip dysplasia. We are halfway through our first bottle. It seems to be helping him with the pain.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems to be helping a little.
    Can’t really tell for sure since he don’t talk.
    He gets slightly spunky/ restless around 6pm & he’s drinking alot more water

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  6. Josh C. (verified owner)

    The dog really seems to see a benefit .

    Pet & Me BundlePet & Me Bundle

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    Works great in vape. Taste is what got it a 4 instead of 5

    Glycerin TinctureGlycerin Tincture

  8. Janet M. (verified owner)

    The website is very informative. The shipping was incredibly fast. It’s too soon to see if the product makes a difference for our old dog but we have high hopes.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  9. Susan Wynings (verified owner)

    Works wonderful

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  10. Sam E. (verified owner)

    So far so good, seems to better than the last product I was using. I want to give it a couple more months before I give it 5 points since I just started using it.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  11. Doug (verified owner)

    Purchased the Coconut Citrus 1000 mg bottle. So far, so very good! I really like the taste, you can taste the quality! Also helping with elbow pain and sleeping issues. Would rate it 5-stars except for the high price.

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  12. Lee (verified owner)

    I have only purchased one order, so far. So, it is difficult to know how well the product is working for my 10 y/o, 72 pound dog. He has arthritic joints that are the results of prior owner abuse. Yet, he seems better able to move about and enjoy his walks and life, now.
    As a supplier, 4Corners seems quick, thorough, and responsive. I received the product sooner than I expected and it’s quality seems better/more consistent than the other brands I’ve tried for my dog. What more can I ask or say after only one order?
    I will buy from 4Corners, again.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

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