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  1. Susan A. (verified owner)

    Products are very good! Great service!

    Tincture and Salve BundleTincture and Salve Bundle

  2. Susan A. (verified owner)

    Helps with my hot flashes.

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  3. Susan A. (verified owner)

    Salve helps my muscle aches.

    CBD SalveCBD Salve

  4. Keith L. (verified owner)

    Customer service was awesome. Thank you. Husband is on 3rd bottle. Helping his arthritis.

    Oral TinctureOral Tincture

  5. Carrie H. (verified owner)

    Amazing results for my 14 1/2 year old 70 lb Weimaraner with back leg issues. Before giving him the oil he was unable to go up and down stairs. So thankful for this product.

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  6. Lisa H. (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  7. Theresa K. (verified owner)

    tastes not to bad and works amazingly.

    Avocado Oil TinctureAvocado Oil Tincture

  8. Elaine Palmer (verified owner)

    I can’t see through the bottle glass so I have no way of knowing how much is left.

    Glycerin TinctureGlycerin Tincture

  9. Kathleen F. (verified owner)

    Has helped my Sadie immensely! She can now go up and down stairs on her own!

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  10. R.L. (verified owner)

    i have a 12 year collie that has seizures i can stop them in 5 minutes, works for brownie just fantastic

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  11. Laura A. (verified owner)

    My pup suffers from extremely separation anxiety (to the point if I leave for too long she will self harm). She is already on medication. For this but was still struggling. After trying this producing I have noticed a big difference in her over all behavior. She is much calmer. Thank you for your products!

    Pet TincturePet Tincture

  12. leita (verified owner)

    Wonderful customer service and communication, and integrity in their products !

    Cinnamon Oral TinctureCinnamon Oral Tincture

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