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What Separates our Company from the other Hemp based CBD Companies?


We know what works and what doesn’t. We run large CBD dominant social media groups. Thousands of emails and over 20,000 hours dedicated to CBD dominant Cannabis in the last 2 years between the 2 founders, we have always used our growing knowledge base to improve our work to be as perfect as possible. We understand that there is always room for progression and that fuels us to improve on a daily basis.

Science dictates decisions. Every single technique we use is based on the proven methods of enhancing effectiveness. Or better said, not diminishing the spectrum of the genetics while turning it into an oil.

We are still in the infancy of the industry. We are taking the lead in respects to what the future of Cannabis looks like.

Although CBD quality is dependent on too many variables to list, the single most important variable starts from the ground up:

Genetics – The key to creating great CBD dominant hemp products is not ruining the integrity of the genetics during the processing of it into an oil. The “Entourage Effect” is responsible for the effectiveness of cannabis. This term means that the cocktail of compounds in cannabis synergize to make a product that is much more powerful than the sum of the individual compounds. Studies have shown that genetics alone can be responsible for a difference in effectiveness by 20 fold.


Not all CBD is create equal

This is a picture of the traditional style of hemp that the vast majority of CBD products come from. This type of plant has been bred for things such as: fiber for making clothes and rope, oil for creating salad dressings, seeds for eating as they have a perfect balance of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s, etc. This is the hemp that has been growing for over 10,000 years. And in all this time, we have not heard about people smoking it or consuming it for CBD. And, there is a reason for it. These plants are not bred for CBD consumption. There is an old saying that goes, “The only thing that will occur from smoking hemp is you will get a nasty headache”. This is because much of the Traditional Industrial Hemp Strains are filled with phyto-toxins. There are currently 100’s of thousands of acres of this type of hemp being grown across the World. Although this type of hemp does contain upwards of 8% CBD, we have not seen anyone producing CBD dominant products from it until companies realized they could source their CBD from these plants in order to put “CBD” on a label and sell it. Most companies merely buy in bulk and mark the price up to make money. Lab tests are posted with every new order from the repackaging companies not only to show the consumer the “CBD Numbers”, but also for themselves to make sure they didn’t get ripped off from the company they bought it from.

CBD alone has very little effectiveness. As mentioned above, the effectiveness comes from the synerigization of the plant compounds that has been termed “The Entourage Effect”. Standard Traditional hemp has been bred specifically for it’s fiber. When breeding for this type of plant, you want the genetics to focus as much energy as possible into creating strong fiber. This means that you breed out the Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, etc) and other important plant compounds such as terpenes (what gives cannabis its aroma) so that the plant doesn’t waste energy on producing these compounds.

Since CBD Isolate is the broken down form of pure CBD, it doesn’t matter where it is sourced from. Although some CBD Isolate will have more hexane residue in it, the quality will all be very similar. Obviously you want as little hexane in a CBD Isolate product as possible as it can induce headaches (and other issues) and even negatively effect the bioavailability of the CBD itself as your body will try to avoid absorbing toxins.

You will not see CBD Isolate being created from Hemp Super Strains as it is a huge step backwards in terms of effectiveness. CBD Isolate will be of the same quality regardless of whether it is created from top quality strains or a pile of hemp stalks as shown on the right

CBD garbage

These types of genetics create 2 different grades of CBD depending on the extraction means that are used. We refer to the lowest grade of CBD as 1X CBD Grade. This grade has been shown to be 100 times less effective than 100X CBD Grade. This form is also referred to as CBD Isolate, Pharmaceutical Grade CBD, Crystal CBD, etc. Methods of making CBD Isolate were created for one reason; the ability to create CBD products from low grade plant material. This grade is usually 99+% pure CBD. The phyto-toxins have been left behind so that the users won’t get headaches from consuming them, but all the other Cannabinoids and terpenes have been stripped as well. This grade of CBD is typically made from processing the plant material with C02 extractions then washing the oil with hexane to isolate the CBD. With any extraction that uses solvents, some residue will still be present in the finished product. Is hexane toxic? According to the World Health Organization, a single exposure to hexane can cause vertigo, dizziness, and drowsiness. It is also a skin irritant. Long-term exposure may cause neuropathy, anorexia, and diminished reflexes. So, even though the phyto-toxins have been removed, you still may get a headache from the residual hexane if you are sensitive to it.

5X Grade CBD is created from the type of flower shown above, but it is extracted differently. The vast majority of 5X Grade CBD is extracted with CO2. Although you may still have phyto-toxins present that may make you feel mildly ill, you will have an oil that has trace amounts of terpenes and other cannabinoids other than just CBD. As mentioned above, these genetics have had the beneficial plant compounds bred out of them to create strong fiber, but there will still be trace amounts of these compounds in the oil. This grade has been shown to be 5 times more effective than 1X Grade CBD and 20 times less effective than 100X Grade CBD.

Although this grade has a less than ideal profile of important plant compounds, many companies still refer to this grade as a Full Spectrum of Whole Plant extract. This is true to an extent, but it is a watered down version of the products that are created from Hemp Super Strains. Unlike 1X Grade CBD that is in a powder form, 5X Grade CBD is an oil just like 100X Grade CBD.

CBD rich hemp

Pictured on the left is a close up of our Ma’at Hemp Super Strain. This is our building block for creating 100X Grade CBD products. These types of genetics look, smell, and taste just like marijuana. And, they are not filled with phyto-toxins which means they are a pleasure to smoke. To create genetics like these, you do not breed with Standard Traditional Industrial Hemp genetics nor marijuana genetics. You have to go back to strains that have not been selectively been bred for fiber nor THC content. These types of strains are bred just like marijuana, but the difference being that they are bred for CBD consumption instead of THC production.

We grow our Ma’at strain Organically in beautiful Durango, CO at 6,900 feet of elevation. She is watered with Colorado snow run off water that is void of fluoride and other harmful chemicals through a drip irrigation system to avoid wasting water. She runs 16-17% CBD while maintaining less than .3% THC to comply with International Hemp Laws. Not only does she smell great due to the terpene profile, but she also boasts high levels of other Cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, etc. Our Ma’at strain creates a Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) containing over 60% CBD.

As our Ma’at strain can be smoked without feeling ill, we use special extraction techniques to try to preserve the integrity of the genetics the best we can during the process of turning it into an oil. Unlike techniques that rip the plant compounds apart before throwing them back together, we use gentle extraction methods preserving the integrity of “The Entourage Effect”. We extract with Organic Food Grade Ethanol using Complete Spectrum Extraction methods. Not only are Complete Spectrum Extractions much more gentle than other methods of extraction as previously mentioned, but Ethanol also extracts both polar and non-polar plant compounds which in turn creates a TRUE Full Spectrum oil (aka Complete Spectrum Oil).

Our Grading System is based off the research done by Dr. Allan Frankel. Click the button for the link:

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