At 4 Corners Cannabis, we normally make full-spectrum products, so why make THC-free products at all?  It’s a valid question. Some people just dislike the thought of having THC in their system. Others could lose jobs and countless other opportunities by testing positive for ANY amount of THC in their system.  For those folks, THC-free products make all the difference.  We think they deserve to cash in on some of the benefits of CBD as well.

How it’s done

To make THC-free products, we must first distill our hemp extract and have the THC remediated.

First, the hemp extract goes into a barrel-shaped chamber called a round-bottom boiling flask.  Then, a heating element raises the temperature of the hemp extract, causing different cannabinoids and compounds to evaporate at different temperatures.

As these compounds condense, they deposit into a series of flasks that are connected via glass tubing.  From there, the oil runs through a liquid chromatography process that separates THC from the other cannabinoids.

Who is THC-free right for?

There are actually several reasons why our THC-free line might be the right choice for you.

Work might require drug tests

When using any product containing any amount of THC, even topicals, drug tests can come back positive for THC.  Make yourself aware of your organization’s drug testing protocols, and be sure to choose your CBD product accordingly.

If you serve in the armed forces, law enforcement, or work a first responder of any kind, your employer will undoubtedly subject you to a drug test at some point in time.  You can also be tested if you have a CDL, work a hazardous job, or if any incident happens on the job and during work hours that requires a drug test. THC-free products may be the right alternative for you if any of the above apply.

Complying with law enforcement

Some individuals have to drug test frequently for legal reasons.  Whether they are out on parole or just fulfilling the stipulations of a minor sentence, they can’t have THC in their system at any time or for any reason.

Flavor (or lack thereof)

Many people love CBD, but can’t stand the hempy flavor that comes through in so many products.  This flavor, along with any aroma, actually leaves the extract for the most part during the distillation process. Since terpenes are the primary source for hemp’s flavor and fragrance, and they evaporate before any other compounds, the resulting distillate lacks the terpenes’ taste and smell.  If you are looking for a tasty alternative to your normal CBD regimen, a THC-free product may be just the thing you need.

Everyone deserves CBD

Although we still believe firmly in the full-spectrum approach, we feel that everyone deserves access to CBD products.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we have options for an even wider range of customers now. You can check out our THC-free Choco-Mint Tincture, THC-free Coconut Citrus Tincture, and THC-free Salve at our shop page!

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