[Read with Irish accent.]

Pass the pot . . . of gold that is!

It’s that lovely time of the year when we leprechauns get to stretch our legs and come out of hiding. 

In the process, we’ll be turning everything green, and of course, finding ways to trick humans out of their CBD!

Yes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, we leprechauns prefer CBD tinctures to gold. 

Think about it. If you spent your entire year hiding from the human race, which would you prefer to have as company? Gold, which we can’t even spend in hiding, or CBD, which has an array of health benefits and brings on the most wonderful onset of calm?

We recently discovered the most amazing thing—4CC has an Earthy Avocado CBD Tincture! Not only is it green, but it’s got a robust, earthy flavor that we just can’t resist!

The Benefits of Avocado Oil

Did you know that we leprechauns adore avocado oil? It has long been touted for its many benefits for topically and internally

Promotes Healthy Skin

For one, avocado oil moisturizes and nourishes. Back home in Ireland, the air is humid and moist, but in a high desert climate like Southwest Colorado (where 4CC is headquartered), it’s as arid as the Sahara Desert. The dry air literally sucks the moisture right out of your skin, and the only way to replenish it naturally is with oil. 

In addition to making your skin feel great, incorporating avocado oil into your diet may increase antioxidant absorption and protect the body from free radicals (Healthline). According to Medical News Today, avocado oil has even been used to speed up the healing process of wounds, treat sunburns, and reduce the effects of aging.*

Mighty powerful stuff, eh? 

Improving Heart Health

Avocado oil is extremely high in unsaturated fatty acids, which studies have shown to be helpful for heart health. Using Avocado oil instead of butter has shown to lower levels of triglycerides, total and bad cholesterol (LDL), inflammatory cytokines, and blood sugar. 

Substituting avocado oil for vegetable oil or butter is a step to reducing cholesterol, so why not find a CBD product with high quality avocado oil! 


Now, take that powerful avocado oil and blend it with CBD. Not just any CBD, mind you. It has to be 4CC’s Complete Spectrum CBD.

Why do you ask? Simple. 4 Corners Cannabis was one of America’s first CBD companies. All of their plants are locally grown, and their entire production process is managed in-house. This means that they control every step—from soil to oil—as we leprechauns say.

The in-house production process allows 4CC to produce Complete Spectrum CBD, meaning that ALL of the benefits of the hemp plant are kept in the plant (yep, even more than with Full Spectrum CBD). 

Finally, 4CC uses only organic, non-GMO, food-grade, and fair-trade certified ingredients in all of their products. Yep, they are so healthy—you can eat them! 

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, you best be hidin’ your Earthy Avocado Oil CBD Tincture at the end of the rainbow. If we, or anyone else find it, it’s sure to be gone before the BIG day!


Other Carrier Oils for CBD

Carrier oils for CBD, like avocado, play an important role in many of the CBD products you will find on the market today. The quality and type of these oils can lead to better absorption of the CBD, easier dosing, and other health benefits from the oil itself. 

Oils will help you absorb CBD since it is a fat-soluble substance. This means that it dissolves better in oil than in water. Instead of going to your bloodstream after being digested like many water-soluble substances, CBD gets distributed through your lymphatic system (part of the immune system) to the proper tissues.

Using good carrier oil also brings the benefits of the oil to the final product. Both MCT and Avocado oils bring healthy fats and omega-6s, both of which have been shown to help manage or even lower cholesterol in your body. 

Common Carrier oils include:

– MCT Oil

– Hemp Seed Oil 

– Olive Oil

– Avocado Oil

We would almost go as far as to say that if your CBD product isn’t using one of the listed oils you may want to consider switching. Something like vegetable or canola oil does not bring nearly the same benefits to a CBD product as something like MCT or Avocado oils. 

Also, watch out for products labeled hemp oil. These are often actually hemp seed oil, which is not the same thing as CBD Oil at all!

Final Thoughts on Avocado Oil and CBD

While most of our products here at 4 Corners Cannabis are made with MCT oil, our Avocado oil CBD is extremely popular and carries its own benefits with it. If you are looking for a new type of CBD oil, or just want some variety in your life, look no further! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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