Cannabis contains well over 100 cannabinoids that we know of.  The ratios of these compounds varies greatly depending on the genetic makeup of a strain.  Of these cannabinoids, six currently pique the interest of the medical community and the nation as a whole.  What are these six major Cannabinoids?  What are they good for?  And what the heck do the abbreviations stand for?


This cannabinoid continues to skyrocket in popularity.  It’s the shorthand for Cannabidiol.  Many still look at it as snake oil, but it helps millions of people and pets who suffer from innumerable ailments.  The most noteworthy of these has been treatment for epilepsy.


Easily the most well known cannabinoid, THC notoriously induces psychoactive effects that many refer to as a “high”.  THC is the commonly used abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol.  While it receives poor press for getting people high, THC actually promotes health as well.  For instance, studies are beginning to reveal its neuroprotective properties.

Now for some cannabinoids that you haven’t heard of before!


Known as Cannabinol, CBN is formed when THC or THCa age and oxidize due to heat and/or light exposure.  At 4 Corners Cannabis, we only let our hemp plants finish to the point of developing minimal THC. We also don’t decarb our extract to the point of turning that THC into CBN.  Because of this, CBN shows ND (not detectable) on our lab reports.  Although it can cause a mild high, people generally use CBN for its strong sedative effects.


It was discovered decades ago, but CBC is now coming to the forefront as a prominent and beneficial compound.  The abbreviation stands for Cannabichromene. Studies show that it promotes neural stem progenitor health.  CBC also combats acne like no other cannabinoid.


Tetrahydrocannabivarin is quite a mouth full,  so it’s much easier to use the abbreviated form of the word, THCV.  Heating and decarboxylating THCVA (the raw version of THCV) transforms the compound, making it easier for our bodies to process.  It shows positive effects in the treatment of seizures as well as panic disorders like PTSD.


While it shares some health benefits with other cannabinoids, Cannabigerol ultimately trumps them all.  Why, you ask? Because it’s the progenitor to CBD, THC, and certain other cannabinoids.  It’s essentially a stem cell cannabinoid.  Without it the Cannabis plant wouldn’t be nearly as beneficial.  The only cannabinoid on this list that isn’t directly formed by CBG is CBN (although they’re connected indirectly via THC).  Anecdotes indicate that CBG is useful for depression, inflammation, and even Crohn’s disease!

Here’s the takeaway.  Cannabis provides so much more for us than just CBD and THC.  It provides an array of compounds that result in an array of benefits.  With the complexity of Cannabis and developing research, we’ll likely have to tac 6 more cannabinoids to this list within a year or two!

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