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We have decades of experience growing Cannabis organically.
We have many years of experience. Our years of growing Cannabis organically have primed us perfectly for working with CBD genetics starting in 2013. Not only is our growing experience ample, but we were also one of the first CBD companies in the world. Being a company of firsts, we want to make perfect products for our customers; this includes creating the first domestically grown hemp CBD vape liquid as well as supplementing terpenes into our products. We are constantly progressing!
We have 100% control from the seed to the finished product.
Since we are passionate growers, we make sure that only the best genetics are used for our crop and in turn, our products. The compounds found in hemp vary a lot depending on not only the strain, but also the chemotype. The genetics we use to make our oil are a cut above the competition.

When choosing the plants to take clones from, we consider a laundry list of factors that ensure the highest quality outcome: cannabinoid content ( CBD, CBG, CBC, etc), terpenes (limonene, myrcene, beta caryophyllene, etc), mold resistance, pest resistance and more. We only use Organic inputs for our nutrient regimen. We do not use pesticides.

Our goal is to bring the most powerful product to market, and even more importantly to ensure our customers are purchasing a safe product. Any residual, low-grade plant material that does not live up to our standards is composted back into the soil to help support a healthy ecosystem and minimize our footprint.

In extractions, we never compromise or use unhealthy solvents.
We only extract with Organic Sugar Cane Ethanol. In layman’s terms, this is 95% drinking alcohol made from organic sugar. We do not recommend drinking alcohol this strong, but it is optimal for extractions. Using our rotary evaporators and vacuum ovens, we purge out the alcohol to finish our extraction process. It is impossible to purge out 100% of any solvent, so we stick with this method and steer clear of toxic chemicals.

Other companies use CO2 (carbon dioxide), isopropyl alcohol, hydrocarbons, etc. Although hydrocarbon extractions sound good, the hydrocarbons used are propane, butane, heptane, hexane, etc. Furthermore, some companies even try to cover up the fact that these toxic compounds they are using are safe for food preparation, but NOT safe to consume. This simply means that they are pure enough that after purging out toxins, only one toxin remains present.

Once more, it is impossible to purge out 100% of any solvent. For example if an extraction is done with food safe isopropyl alcohol, that means that the residual present after purging are a very high percentage isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol and its metabolite, acetone act as central nervous system (CNS) depressants. Poisoning can occur from ingestion, inhalation, or skin absorption. Symptoms of isopropyl alcohol poisoning include flushing, headache, dizziness, CNS depression, nausea, vomiting, anesthesia, hypothermia, low blood pressure, shock, respiratory depression, and coma.

Some solvents are more toxic than others, but some just don’t do a good job drawing out the beneficial compounds that Cannabis provides. CO2 Extractions are a classic example of this.
Is your health important enough to avoid consuming and applying products that contain toxins? We think so!

Only the finest ingredients make the cut.
Our products all use carriers to make dosing easy and precise. Our salve, for instance, (topical) uses organic triple-filtered beeswax from a family farm and the finest coconut oil on the market. For other products we use organic avocado oil, organic limonene (orange peel extract) and the finest MCT oil (liquid coconut oil) we can find. Our vegetable glycerin in our Glycerin Tincture is USP Kosher Food grade. We also purchase fair-trade, environmentally-conscious compounds whenever possible. Sourcing our ingredients is a job in itself.
We actually make our own products.
Many of the CBD products on the market are white-labeled. White-labeling is a process in which a company makes products for other companies, and those other companies then slap their own labels on the product.

If you have tried several different products and had identical effects, then you may have inadvertently purchased white-labeled products. There are literally 1000’s of CBD companies that whitelabel. These companies are more concerned with quantity than quality. Many of them are operating on such a large scale that quality of genetics is not even on their radar. The plant material used in these products is often covered in pesticides, and harvested across huge acreages that often lend the crop to high levels of mold and fungus.

Some will choose to sell products that are unhealthy. Others will strip away as many toxins as possible in their products, but a consequence of this is that most beneficial compounds from the plant will also be stripped away: compounds that are responsible for the entourage effect (the synergy of cannabis compounds that augment one another, creating a product that is many times more potent than the isolate CBD molecule on its own). Many CBD websites regurgitate information and fail to break it down appropriately for the consumer. This is likely because they don’t even understand what they’re parroting. If you have any questions whatsoever, reach out to us on our inquiries page! We’d be more than happy to take the time to answer you in a satisfactory and understandable way.

We strive to continue to create the best CBD product in the World.
When we started working with CBD in 2013, our initial goal was to create products for our own needs. As we started letting our friends and family try our oil for themselves, they assured us that we needed to make our work available to the public because they were blown away by the benefits. While transitioning into a company, we haven’t cut any corners and have continued to improve upon our prior work, offering the same exact products that we use ourselves. This is why you won’t find other companies that value quality to the extent that we do. We stand behind our products and refuse to handpick reviews. We never propagate promotional marketing material from other companies because we are 100% in house. We are as transparent as can be while still protecting our proprietary methods of production. Additionally, we love teaching customers about what we do so they can understand our work on a fundamental level. We strive to be trailblazers and harness the newest technology and information available to create the perfect product for you.
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