CBD and Cooking

Some of us love CBD, some of us love cooking, and at 4 Corners Cannabis we love both!  Cooking can be a useful tool to heal and care for our bodies.  Here’s a rudimentary guide with tips for cooking with CBD.

Keeping it Simple

Rather than making homemade CBD oil from homegrown hemp, which requires quite a bit of work, it’s easiest to choose products that are ready for use when you prepare to cook.  You may want to choose a CBD product that you can use in a variety of recipes as well. 4 Corners Cannabis’ CBD Honey is ideal for this.

It should be mentioned that temperature is a huge factor when cooking with CBD.  As the temperature increases, as well as the length of exposure to those temperatures, you risk degrading the cannabinoids you’re trying to use.  This can damage not only the compounds themselves, but their synergistic interactions with other compounds.  Being mindful of this will help you avoid waste.  Before making elaborate cooking plans with CBD, it’s generally best to experiment with foods that involve no actual cooking.

Emily Lawrence, an author at Well and Good, says exactly this in her piece So You Want to Cook with CBD?.  She says it’s best to start by adding it to foods like smoothies, salads, and the like.  Lawrence also offers a workaround for incorporating it into baked/cooked foods by simply adding CBD to the uncooked accoutrements.  As an example, you could add CBD to frosting rather than the cupcakes that the frosting will go on.

Which product should I use?

There are a variety of products to choose from when it comes to cooking with CBD, so try to use products that are adaptable to the recipe and ingredients you’re using.  You might not necessarily use your daily CBD product to cook.  Instead, you may find one better suited for cooking that works as a nice adjunct to your normal CBD regimen.

If your recipe calls for avocado oil, our Avocado Tincture is a sensible choice.  For more dessert-oriented options, our Cinnamon Tincture or THC-Free Choco-Mint Tincture would likely complement the recipe nicely.  Our CBD Honey provides a cost-effective ingredient for the greatest number of homemade foods.  It can be added to sweet dishes as well as certain savory dishes.

Here’s a quick list of links to common recipes in which others have incorporated CBD:

Word to the Wise

CBD has already worked its way into the daily wellness routines of millions, and we couldn’t be happier about that.  If you plan on using CBD in the kitchen though, be sure to give anyone who might be eating your dish a “heads up”.  Since CBD can interact with certain medications, it’s best to ensure that everyone knows that the potato salad you brought to the picnic has CBD in it.

Applying your knowledge

Now we’re ready to wash our hands, put on that apron, and start applying these tips for cooking with CBD!  We hope some of this information makes CBD a little more fun and accessible.  Self care is always easier when it’s integrated into engaging activities like cooking.  With this in mind, we encourage you to take the reins and make the best CBD dish yet!  To learn more about CBD, food, and the synergy between various phytonutrients and compounds, click here.

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