While full-spectrum hemp extract is the focal point of our products, we certainly respect the important role that carrier oils play.  They impact shelf life, flavor, digestion, and even help to make cannabinoids more bioavailable.

The most recent addition to 4 Corners Cannabis’ array of carrier oils is Hemp Seed Oil.  Since we have feminized plants, thus not producing seeds, you might be asking yourself where we get our hemp seed oil from.  You might also ask yourself what type we’re using. After a lot of consideration, Organic Golden Hemp Seed Oil ultimately made the most sense for our needs.

Why did we start using Hemp Seed Oil?

The short and simple answer: pets.  Pets are unbelievably important to us.  They’re a part of the family for most of us, and we take care of them almost the way we would a human family member, and in some cases take better care of them than ourselves.  Over time we had customers inform us that, in spite of how much it the Pet Tincture benefited their furry friends, it also caused digestive issues.  The primary digestive issue was the runny stool that MCT oil can cause for some pets.

That’s why 4 Corners Cannabis decided to take its Pet Tincture a step further to benefit our loyal companions and try a new formulation.  Here are some other oils that were either used prior, or considered, but did not make the cut for our new and improved Pet Tincture formulation.

MCT oil

The MCT oil we formerly used in our Pet Tincture performed very well over the course of time.  In doing some research though, we discovered that MCT oil isn’t necessarily optimal for our pets as it can cause minor digestive issues as mentioned above.  Naturally, we had to go back to the drawing board to address these issues.

Fish oil

Fish oil seemed like a good fit at first, but it presented one glaring problem.  According to one Pet MD article on the topic, too much fish oil has the potential to reduce the body’s ability to clot properly when bleeding.  Many of our customers use our Pet Tincture for animals with sensitive conditions, so we can’t have that. It also performs poorly when it comes to shelf life.  Once opened, the timer starts and you only have about 30-90 days to use a product containing exposed fish oil depending on temperature and light exposure. Fish oil might work for some, but not for us, so what else might we use?

Flaxseed oil

A Healthline article pertaining to flaxseed oil side effects had similar things to say.  They state that excessive flaxseed oil intake can inhibit proper clotting, decrease blood sugar, and decrease blood pressure.  Some of our customers already give their pets medications that reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, so flaxseed oil presents too many potential risks for those individuals.

The right fit

It took some time, but we finally found a comprehensive solution for our new Pet Tincture.  4 Corners Cannabis just needed to return to its roots, or more precisely its seeds, to find the right oil.  Just like hemp-derived CBD is the right choice for so many of us, we found another ideal solution to our problem within the hemp plant Hemp seed oil outdid the rest for the following reasons:

  • The shelf life of hempseed oil surpasses the rest
  • It contains an ideal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • It has few side effects, meaning our pets can enjoy it carefree!

If you haven’t yet, you can grab our new and improved Pet Tincture for your pet here.  Whether you have a dog, cat, parakeet, turkey, or baboon (yes, there are actual baboons at the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary that take our Pet Tincture), it’s worth a try for them.  After testing it out, let us know what you think at our contact page.

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