Well, of course you could think of the Four Corners Monument—our namesake and the only place in the United States where the corners of four states meet. You could also think of hemp flowers, CBD, and relaxing after a great day outdoors.

But, we hope that the first thing that comes to mind are the promises that accompany every product we produce:

  • Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Organic, Food-Grade Ingredients
  • Allergen and Diet Friendly Options
  • Third Party Lab Tested CBD
  • Organic/Biodynamic Growing Practices

Want to learn a little more?

Stuff That’s Actually Good for You

When we are selecting the ingredients that go into any of our products, we have just a few criteria: Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Organic, and Food Grade.

Okay, so that’s more than a *few* criteria. It’s a lot of criteria. Why, you ask? Simple. We believe that every ingredient should be something that brings health and nourishment to your body.

Let’s face it—there are enough pollutants out there. When you enjoy 4CC CBD, you should be able to enjoy every ounce of every drop—without worrying about the negative effects of chemicals like pentane or butane (yes, some CBD companies use this in their extraction process. Umm . . . yuck?)

By ensuring that our ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and food grade, we guarantee that you are getting the most health benefits from every single drop. We are even taking this a step further and working on our organic certification to give you the ultimate confidence in our products.

What about Fair Trade? We’re glad you asked. Simply put, using Fair Trade ingredients is just the right thing to do. After all, we are all about helping people—all people—live better lives, so we buy ingredients that promote fair wages and safe working conditions. Need we say more?

Options for Everyone

We get it. Living life with allergies and other diet restrictions is tough. That’s why we use the fewest ingredients (most of our products have less than three) possible in all of our products and provide an array of options to suit every diet.

We stay away from the top seven allergens—peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish/shellfish, and tree nuts (with the exception of coconut oil, which is only in a handful of our products).

Even our lotion, which has the most ingredients of any of our products, is blended with low risk ingredients that are safe for topical use. We avoid all the bad stuff, such as parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol and other questionable cosmetic preservatives.

Basically, we just believe in putting good things in and on your body, and we stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

No Shady Business Here!

We care about our cannabis. We mean—really really care about our cannabis. That’s why we spend all day working in the fields and growing flowers from clones of high CBD genetics to ensure they consistently produce a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. We then use an organic process to extract the CBD oil and create the only Complete Spectrum CBD on the market today.

Even with all of the care put into each and every ounce of CBD, we still want you, the consumer, to be assured that your CBD doesn’t contain any harmful substances (such as heavy metals, microbials, contaminants, etc.). After all, if we are claiming our products are safe enough to put in your body (or give to your pets), we need to know that we can stand behind this claim.

So, we have our hemp tested by one of the best third party cannabis labs in the state. This gives that extra layer of protection and lets you know that there’s no shady business going on here. When we say our CBD is safe for people and pets—you can believe us!

Doing Good for the Environment

We only have one earth, and it’s up to us to protect her. That’s why we grow with biodynamic growing practices—no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on our property! We avoid heavy metals, bad bacteria, mold—all the bad stuff. Any waste that is created in our production process is composted and used as fertilizer the following season.

By doing good for the environment, we are doing good for the greatest number of people. Pretty cool, huh?

In a Nutshell . . .

To sum it all up, we believe in creating products that are as organic as possible. We believe in using limited ingredients, avoiding harmful additives, taking care of the earth, and keeping everything you need right in the bottle. That’s the 4CC Promise.

So next time you hear the name 4 Corners Cannabis, we hope our promise is what comes to mind—or, you can just think of our mouthwatering Choco Mint Oral Tincture. That’s basically the same thing.

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