We are proud to be releasing the first “Genuine” CBD e-juice from our 16% CBD terpene rich hemp in July! Unlike most all CBD companies that extract their CBD from the stalks of imported industrial hemp, we extract our CBD from the flowers of cannabis that has been bred for producing the World’s best CBD oil. Our 16% CBD hemp strain not only looks great, but also smells of watermelon.

It is said that smoking industrial hemp will do nothing for the consumer other than induce a nasty headache. As bad as this sounds, can you image the effects from smoking the stalks?

The truth of the matter is that industrial hemp was not bred for CBD consumption. So why are there companies peddling CBD products made from industrial hemp stalk?

1.  The demand for CBD products greatly outweighs the supply.

2.  It takes many years and resources to breed a hemp plant created for the human consumption of CBD.

Our strain smokes so well that we plan on creating a CBD Cigarette line in the near future!

We have no affiliation with Medical Marijuana Inc, Kannaway, Bluebird Botanicals, Real Scientific Hemp Oil, etc. or any companies that extract their CBD from stalks.

We are not backed by investments groups that put emphasis on creating huge returns for investors.

We extract our CBD from the flowers of the cannabis plant using food safe ethanol. We winterize and purge our oil to create the cleanest product possible. Our oil is decarboxylated and mixed with PEG 400, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin to create the perfect vaping experience.

Above is our CBD oil before it is diluted into vape liquid or other products.
Above is our strain that we have been working on diligently for years before deciding it was ready for the market. All our plants are grown organically and sheltered from the elements in greenhouses.
Our products are not meant to treat or cure any illnesses.
If you are interested in learning more about our products then please subscribe or send us an email.
 We are also working on salves, tinctures, lip balms, shatters, etc.
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